Installer and Contactor
Installer and Contactor
We will be pleased to assist you in developing a Goldensun system that is tailored to the construction and location of the structure you are designing. We can also guide you through any local requirements to connect your Goldensun system to the power grid to sell any excess electricity. Working in partnership, we can help you create an outstanding looking design that delivers sustainable solar energy.

The integration of solar system and buildings are an organic combination of solar facilities and buildings.

Firstly, taking solar power into environmental into a comprehensive design is an integration of architecture, technology and aesthetes. Solar power facilities, as part of the building, combine building organically, and have removed the solar system’s influence on building.

Secondly, the solar facilities can be applied as roof completely or partially, in order to reduce cost and improve efficiency.

Thirdly, the solar system can applied in flat roof or oblique roof. Facilities can cover the roof for flat roof and set in for oblique root.

Fourthly, this technology is a comprehensive technology, covering solar energy application, architecture and fluid techniques.