Goldensun is dedicated to providing you all the information you need to make an informed decision to purchase a solar energy system. Installing a residential solar energy system reduces global warming, lowers your carbon footprint and contributes to a greener future. It is a sound financial decision that delivers savings you can see each month when your electricity bill arrives.

The independent solar power system includes independent solar power station and household solar power system, which has been widely used areas without grid, such as remote area, pasturing area, border area and islands, in order to solve power supply issues.

Solar energy can be used for public lightening.
Solar power lights are mainly used for street lights. Solar power courtyard lamps and veranda lamps can be used in hotels, villas, committees and courtyards, etc. for the sake of landscaping and save a lot of electricity cost. Solar lawn lamps can be used for interspersing and beautifying lawns, courtyard and aisles.